So Many Reasons for You to Enjoy Your Christmas Holiday at Fairmount Park

4.Top Holiday Destination

Fairmont Park’s historic houses comprise some of the best-maintained examples of eighteenth and nineteenth-century architecture, all situated in one of America’s most spectacular urban parks. In 2015, Architectural Digest named Fairmount Park as one of the best holiday home tours in the United States.


A Very Philly Christmas is usually very diverse, especially in terms of the music played. Some of the performances that have been held in the event include the likes of the Black Pearl Chamber Orchestra, Opera Philadelphia, the Mummers, the Quiet Storm, the Performing Arts, the Philadelphia Clef Club of Jazz, and Artistas y Musicos Latino Americanos.

6.Parks on Tap

Parks on tap is a unique holiday version of the famous beer traveling garden. It is usually hosted on Saturday during Sounds of the Season outside the Strawberry Mansion.

7. A Great Opportunity to Spend Time with Your Kids

Family Day features a ton of fun activities and entertainment making it an ideal time for parents and their children to bond. Some of the entertainment available during Family Day include Santa Claus, Visits from the Philly Phanatic, making snow, decorations craft workshop, puppet making, and storytelling by Walnut Street Theater.

8. An Opportunity to Enjoy Local Talent

The event provides a platform for locals who reside near Fairmount Park to showcase their talent, and is a great way to enjoy the talent of your neighbors.

9. A Variety of Holiday Delights

A Very Philly Christmas also gives you the opportunity to different delights from your neighborhood culinary superstars. These include Yard’s Brewery, Whole Foods, Sweetzels Bakery, Giambri’s Quality Sweets, John & Kira’s Chocolates, Shane’s Confectionery, and City Tavern.

10.Easy Accessibility

One of the great things about Fairmount Park is that it is relatively easy to access. There are various transportation options available. You can drive yourself to the historical houses which have plenty of parking space available or take a ride on the Philly PHLASH. A tour of East Fairmount Park’s 5 houses is as simple as boarding the heated and comfy PHLASH.

11. Free for Kids Twelve Years Old or Under

Kids who are twelve years of age or under receive free entry into Fairmount Parks historic houses. The admission fee for adults is relatively affordable and is cheaper when you visit more houses.

12.Festivities Throughout December

Festivities happen throughout the month of December and you will hardly get bored.

13.Learn About Fairmount Park’s History

Participate in the proud Philadelphia Tradition by taking a tour of Fairmount Park’s historic houses which are uniquely decorated for the holidays. Take a ride in the trolley to learn from the engaging and knowledgeable guides as they give you a tour of three historic houses.

Fairmount Park is one of the best places to send your Christmas holiday in Philadelphia, mainly because A Very Philly Christmas offers you as Philly a Christmas as you can get. You will get to enjoy great food, good music, learn about Philadelphia’s proud tradition, interact with locals, and do other fun activities. A great adventure awaits you at Fairmount Park!…

Four Days of Delightful Events During Holiday Season at A Very Philly Christmas

A Very Philly Christmas features 4 days of delightful events showcasing what Philadelphia has to offer including the Flavor of the Season, Neighbors Day, Family Day, and lots of enjoyable music. The music system is perfect and you can listen to your favorite music from every corner of the house. If you love jazz, you will find your time at Fairmount Park very rewarding. Some of the people who have played at the Fairmont Park’s A Very Philly Christmas in the recent past include Performing Arts Student Ensemble and Clef Club jazz, among others. The music will lift your spirits up just like the beautiful decor around the houses.

Alongside enjoying the sights and sound within the walls of these splendid eighteenth and nineteenth-century houses, A Very Philly Christmas hosts happy surprises and special events along the way. Some of the happy surprises include the Lemon Tree Ice Sculpture which features actual lemons suspended from it, as well as Philadelphia, made Gritty carved out of Cabot Cheese.

If you are not a fan of Christmas decor tours, or would just like to take a break from it, a trip to Lemon Hill Mansion will more than suffice. Here guests of the historic Philadelphia houses get the opportunity to indulge in the delightful offerings of the Ice Bar. The Ice Bar debuted recently so there might be a chance that you have not seen it yet even if you have been to Lemon Hill Mansion before. For only six days, the Ice Bar offers beers and cider from Original XIII Ciderworks and Evil Genius, alongside a rotational food truck lineup, firepits, and comfortable Adirondack seating. Friday nights feature specialty cocktails made by local mixologist Nathan Weigert, who doubles up as Brand Educator for Revivalist Gins. A Very Philly Christmas has a lot to offer and you will find it to be quite a memorable way to spend your December holiday. All the beautiful scenery is brought to you by the programming and promotion for the historic homes, supported via a partnership with Fairmount Park Conservancy, Philadelphia Parks and Recreation, as well as other stewardship entities. Proceeds generated from A Very Philly Christmas are used to support ongoing maintenance, promotion, and stewardship.

13 Reasons Why You Will Enjoy “A Very Philly Christmas” In Fairmount Park


Christmas at Fairmount Park is all about tradition and has been around for more than forty years. It is a longtime Philadelphia custom to decorate Fairmount Park’s historic houses during the holidays.

2.Beautiful Theme

One of the great things about A Very Philly Christmas, is the beautiful theme showcasing what Philadelphia is all about and all that it has to offer. From friendly and hospitable neighbors to delicious food, to great music, A Very Philly Christmas truly embodies what Philadelphia is about.

3.The Historic Houses are Decked out

Another interesting thing about the holiday event is that 6 of Fairmount Park’s are usually decked out for various events. The houses include Strawberry Mansion, Cedar Grove, Woodford Mansion, Laurel Hill, Mount Pleasant, and Lemon Hill Mansion

A Perfect Way to Celebrate the Winter Holidays – A Very Philly Christmas

Looking for the perfect way to celebrate your winter holiday season? Search no more. A Very Philly Christmas at Fairmount Park is all you need to have a unique holiday. Fairmount Park is a beautiful place to admire regardless of what time of the year you visit the establishment. However, during December Fairmont Park’s historic mansions are the main attraction since on specific days throughout the month they host A Very Philly Christmas. The historic houses of Strawberry Mansion, Cedar Grove, Woodford Mansion, Laurel Hill, and Lemon Hill Mansion have all been reconstructed to function as a winter vacation destination with beautiful holiday decor and various activities to participate in. Strawberry Mansion, Cedar Grove, Woodford Mansion, Laurel Hill, and Lemon Hill Mansion are all an integral component of A Very Philly Christmas, from the Fairmount Park Conservancy and Philly Parks. The delightful homes are decked out and open for the visitors during the holidays.

The historic Fairmount Park mansions are ready for occupation during the holidays, and literally, welcome guests to chill out at the Lemon Hill Mansions Ice Bar. The Historic Lemon Hill Mansion promises a delightful experience and features splendid and tasteful Christmas decor that you will most certainly admire. When you visit Lemon Hill Mansion, you can’t help but explore one room after another as the historic establishment is creatively and carefully complimented by the talented local garden clubs. The Lemon Hill House Mansion is a great place to visit during Christmas with family and friends. The humongous Christmas tree that runs from the floor all the way to the ceiling offers something for your kids to marvel at and admire. The quintessential holiday trains made by the Philadelphia company Batchman Trains, ensure that your trip to the Lemon Hill House Mansion is nothing short of adventurous. The mansion operates on Fridays from 5 pm through 9 pm, and on Saturdays and Sundays from 12 pm through 9 pm. You can gain admission to the mansion by donating only $5. The establishment features ice art created from Ice Philly Sculpture and firepits. The bar serves Evil Genius and Original XIII Ciderworks and is made of ice illuminated by beautiful lighting. There is a different DJ every night so you can be sure that the scene will be a little more different and a little more interesting every night.

Saturdays on Fairmount Park features a Neighbours Day from 10 am through 4 pm, with a splendid selection of live entertainment from residents of Fairmount Park. Sunday consists of a Flavor of the season which features very flavorful holiday snacks. The Flavor of the Season runs from 10 am through to 4 pm. Entry charges for an individual house are $8 per person and free for kids under the age of 12. If you would like to enter all 5 houses, it’s just $30 inclusive of transportation between the houses on a unique PHLASH loop.…